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Innovative Ideas into Unforgettable Experiences

Want to see what we can do?

Check out these case studies that showcase our expertise.

Custom Airstream Build

Our team expertly transformed a classic Airstream trailer into a mobile beacon for Etsy, championing the value of shopping with small businesses and celebrating Canadian craftsmanship.


This bespoke project involved a comprehensive retrofit and customization, including a striking vehicle wrap and intricate detailing that embodied the ethos of "buy good things from real people."


As the trailer journeyed across Canada, it became a roving testament to Etsy's vision and values.

Chill on the Hill

In the heart of summer, our team did the impossible, bringing winter's thrill to Mont Tremblant with "Chill on the Hill, " a one-of-a-kind experiential event that defied the seasons.


We engineered a ski hill from the ground up, offering skiers and snowboarders the surreal opportunity to carve through snow and execute breathtaking tricks under the July sun.


Chill on the Hill merged skiing with live concerts and immersive experiences. It infused every moment with Nestea's essence of refreshment, excitement, and innovation, crafting an unforgettable experience that lingered well beyond the event.

Bake Batter & Roll

We transformed a bland, outdated retail space into a dynamic, custom-designed bakery event haven, complete with a striking giant rolling pin, state-of-the-art ovens, and an interactive children's area for baking lessons.


The end result was  a fully functional and immersive experience that engaged visitors of all ages, merging tradition with innovation.


This project exemplifies our commitment to turning ordinary spaces into memorable, experiential destinations, showcasing our capability to deliver exceptional results that exceed client expectations. And of course it was super yummy!

Random Snacks of Kindness

Our team deployed a unique vending machine that did more than dispense snacks; it inspired and rewarded acts of kindness.


Engaging directly with the community, the machine prompted users to perform a random act of kindness. Upon completion, they were rewarded with a delicious, healthy snack from Martin's Apple Chips.


This interactive experience not only promoted healthier eating habits but also fostered a positive and memorable atmosphere of generosity and goodwill.

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